Mobile App: Phase 2 Report

The second evaluations happened from July 27th to July 31st, I Passed!!! This blog post comes as a summary to the work done in the second phase of Google Summer of Code.

Second Evaluations Passed

API Enhancements

This phase i worked on improving the APIs, with projects & authentication enhancements catching the limelight.

Projects Enhancements

Collaborators for Projects were added in include options while fetching projects. An attribute is_starred was also added signifying the starred status for the authorized user.

Also added user_favourites in /api/v1/users/:id/favourites. Now, the User Projects & Featured Projects are available without authentication but still the “Non-Public” projects could only be fetched if authenticated.

Related PRs: #1529(Merged), #1581(Under Review).

Authentication Enhancements

One change introduced by @tachyons was the use of warden authentication for API requests which is the underlying auth model for devise.

Related commit: faea536

API Specs/Tests

A total of 223 requests specs/examples were added in view of the CircuitVerse API. Specs for model’s changes were also added.

API Test Suite

API Documentation

The API documentation was also updated in view of the changes made during this phase. API Docs to a public URL yet needs to be hosted & will be done at the end of final phase.

Related PR: #1512(Under Review)

Mobile App MVP

This phase marked the completion of MVP for the mobile_app. The following major changes were made:


CircuitVerse Mobile supports google, facebook & github oauth. The Google OAuth was implemented using google_sign_in & the app was signed using Java KeyStore(key.jks). Facebook OAuth was implemented using flutter_facebook_login with SDK setup for both Android & iOS. Github OAuth used oauth2_client to interact with Github’s OAuth servers.

OAuth Options

Assignment Details

Worked on Assignment details screen that also features creating/editing/deleting grade for all the submissions for a particular assignment before the deadline.

Assignment Details

Project Views

Also Worked on User Projects & Favourites views & viewmodel bindings. Handling state in viewmodels is what i learned here, since all of the business logic is handled in the viewmodels passing variables back and forth just for project options like star_count & view_count should never be an option. Also, helps to establish a better testing suite & is independent of the views.

Project Details Delete Collaborator

Profile Views

The Profile View now also features the projects you created & the ones you starred under Circuits & Favourites respectively.

Profile View

UI Changes

Some minor UI/UX changes include :

  • Improving the designs for cv_text_field, a generic widget that acts as base for all the text fields used in cv_mobile.
  • Some Typographical changes following material guidelines.
  • Adding consistent colors/font-sizes etc across the web & the mobile.

Next Steps

In the final phase, i plan to create a complete test suite for the mobile_app including viewmodel_tests, service_tests, model_tests & ui_tests. Will also setup constructive feedback loops with my mentors for any UI/UX changes or some feature requests for the mobile_app. Excited for the final phase..


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