Platform Improvements: Phase 1 Report

Yay! I cleared my GSoC First Evaluations and look at the amazing feedback I got from my mentor(s). Thanks to the amazing mentors Satvik, Aboobacker and Nitin I have learnt a ton during this journey.

First Evaluations

Let us discuss the work I have accomplished so far. The very first and probably the most humongous portion of my project is Revamping CircuitVerse web application and Getting the respective frontend codebase refactored with both Design and Code standards in place.

UI Redesign

Starting off, I tried my hands at designing (something completely new to me). Fortunately with guidance by my mentor Nitin; I got a few screens designed by me passed on to the final prototype for the web application. Moving forward, it was time to code out those screens to be finally implemented at production. I got a little delayed initially due to some commitments from my University so I decided to refactor the frontend codebase alongside as I revamp those screens.

By the end of Community Bonding period, I already had a few PRs flowing with everything on track and ready to be merged. Slowly afterwards week after week, with guidance by some amazing developers who I am fortunate enough to call my mentors; I got covered with that huge frontend codebase of the website. Apart from the Authentication screens (which are on hold due to some reasons), I got everything covered and revamped according to the prototypes. Amazingly, I fixed one security bug too which was giving complete CRUD accessibility over data of thosands of users. Fixing it wasn’t tough and finding it exists in the first place is the catch. Finally, I will be cleaning some code and formally documenting the Design and UI standards completing the frontend refactoring

You can have a look at all the work I have done here. Going forward, I will be diving into backend portion implementing a few user-requested features and making the platform GDPR compliant to be launched up in EU regions.

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